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Registered charity No: 1070692

In 2020, Llangennith Parish Hall will celebrate 100 years since its inception. Many events have happened both in and around Llangennith Parish, some close to home and many occurrences in the outside world: a World War, men walking on the Moon, deaths and crowning of Kings and Queens, massive advances in Technology, Aviation, Transport and Medicine, Cold wars and Climate Changes to name but a few.  All of these have influenced life in the Parish.  The Hall Committee is planning a celebration - in fact, a number of celebrations! - that will highlight the enormous contribution made by the Hall over its One Hundred Years.  

To support these celebrations, we are looking for photos, videos, recordings, artifacts, stories, and anything else relevant to the Hall’s 100 year history.  

If you have anything that you feel might be relevant or of interest, or if you yourself are interested in helping to produce these celebrations, please contact Carol Green by email -  cagreenbrynteg@gmail.com - or telephone 01792-386379

To give everyone a little background information on the Hall, we are reproducing an article that appeared in our Parish Magazine in September 2019.

A Village, Its People and the Hall

For nearly a hundred years the Hall has played an integral part in the life of Llangennith. The village and most importantly the individuals and families, who live here, have ensured that the Hall has been a resource providing entertainment for children and adults and opportunities for groups and societies to meet, raise funds, eat together and celebrate important events. I have spent an enjoyable time over the last few months going through all the Gower Church magazines from the 1920s to the 80s and these were published once a month! What a treasure of knowledge I have been privileged to enjoy. Whether it was to find out that Beryl Hughes (Counsell) was the first in Llangennith to win a scholarship to university or that the WI came first in many competitions in the Gower Show. The cast of the operetta The Butterfly Queen put on in December 14th 1932 by the Sunday School has a list of names recognisable today with Nancy Bevan and Raymond Nicholas playing boy and girl scouts, John Gibbs and Peter Behenna as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Eileen Gibbs who made a splendid Wood Ogre and May Wood a fine Dame Snuffy. Averil Nicolas and Doris were first and second fairies, and Joseph and Audrey Taylor first and second schoolgirls. Other parts were Fairies – Nina Beynon, Dora Nicholas, Miriam Morris, May Hughes; Imps – George Rees, Edward Rees, Clive Jenkins, Eric Gibbs, Leslie Brown and Kenneth Tidy. Dances were a regular feature down the years and the record shows that people came from all over Gower from Rhosilli to Penclawdd transported by the Vanguard Bus Company and these events I’m sure fostered many a romance and possibly even marriage. The 40s saw the Hall play its part in supporting the village and its soldiers away at war. – A National War Savings Group was formed for this Parish and the committee attended at the parish hall every Wednesday evening from 8pm to 9pm to receive contributions. Or more educational activities such as the talk by Lt.-Col E Helme D.S.O.on the subject of Practical hints for the Home Guard, A.R.P. and what to do in an emergency. The 50s saw the Hall used as a Doctors Surgery, running Summer Fetes to raise money for the Vicarage and saw the beginning of the Badminton Club. The 60s, 70s and 80s continued many activities run in previous years such as Annual Christmas Parties for the children, Harvest Suppers, Whist Drives. Meetings, plays, concerts, jumble sales and often organised by a really active WI and more recently having fitness classes and Produce markets. Our Hall would not exist without the active involvement of individuals and families from those who became first Trustee, listed below, to the many who help today. We hope to have an exhibition next year that will not only showcase the history and the activites of the last 100 years but will celebrate the village and the families that live here. We urgently need any photographs of events and people that can be used in an exhibition. Was your grandfather or great grandfather one of those First Trustees? Have you kept any photos, documents that we could use? We are very happy to come and see you to talk about the exhibition or any ideas you may have or help you can give us.

Llangennith Hall First Trustees (from the Trust Deed that transferred the land) “THIS Indenture made the Twelfth day of July One thousand nine hundred and twenty BETWEEN PERCY STANLEY ROWLAND of 91 Walter Road in the County of Borough of Swansea Merchant of the one part and WILLIAM ACE of Broughton farm Farmer, WILLIAM BEYNON of Tankey-Lake Farmer, GEORGE FRANCIS NICHOLAS of Hardings Down Farmer, GEORGE ERNEST TAYLOR of Delvid Farm Director of Limited Company and GEORGE HERBERT GORDON of Tyle Farm Burry Green Farmer all of the Parish of LLangennith in the County of Glamorgan the said PERCEY STANLEY ROWLAND and GEORGE HERBERT JONES of 14 Brynmill Crescent in the said County Borough of Swansea Metal Broker (hereinafter called the Trustees First Committee In addition the Committee that managed the Hall included the Trustees (ie those included in the deed above) and the following elected and co-opted members :- John Rogers Junior, William Taylor (Cock St) Bernard Davies, Evan Jones (College) George Beynon Gibbs, Sidney Phillips, George Rees, Josiah William Rees, Thomas Rees (Hardings Down) George Jones, Fred Copper, Charles Woods. Gladys Jones, Ann Lewis and Mary Ann Daniel.